Some recent previous projects

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ANR CECIL: Complex Emotions in Communication, Interaction and Language (2008-2012)

The aim of this project concerns the study of complex emotions (i.e. emotions based on counterfactual reasoning and on reasoning about norms, responsibility, power and abilities). It investigates and formalizes this kind of emotions (such as regret, shame, guilt, jealousy, reproach...) in order to provide non-ambiguous definitions which can be used by an agent in reasoning. These definitions are exploited in order to specify and to implement a library of conversational acts of expressive type which are used to express feelings and emotions.

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STIC-AMSUD ACAI: Affective Conversational Agents for learnIng (2010-2013)

To be affective-aware, ECAs should have mechanisms in order to infer and express believable emotions. Although some results have already been acquired, real environments of interaction, as learning systems, require combining different methods and techniques with the purpose of obtaining more powerful inference mechanisms and generating more realistic verbal (text and speech) and non-verbal expression of emotions. This project aims at combining the Brazilian, Argentine and French investigation teams expertise in Artificial Intelligence applied to education and Affective Computing in order to create more affective-aware ECA and study its potential in real learning applications.