Julie Dugdale - Teaching

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I teach Master students on the MIASHS Masters programme at University Grenoble Alps, UFR SHS. Specifically for the WIC (Web, Informatique et Connaissance) speciality and the DCISS (Double Compétence : Informatique et Sciences Sociales) speciality. I also teach on the Undergraduate MIASHS programme (Mathematics and computing applied to human and social sciences.

My Master courses are taught in English (with lecture notes, tutorials, exams, etc. in French) but my undergraduate courses are taught in French.

From September 2014 to September I am responsible for the Master MIASHS (comprising 4 specialities). I was previously responsible for the Master 2 WIC students. I am also responsible for International Exchanges for Undergraduate (Licence) and PostGraduate (Masters) students in my department: Informatique et Mathématiques et Sciences Sociales (IMSS).

Master Level Courses:

  • Systèmes Complexes. Master MIASHS (Speciality: WIC and DCISS). Yr 2, semester 1
  • Modélisation Cognitive Computationnelle (Half course, shared with Benoit Lemare). Master MIASHS (Speciality: WIC). Yr 1, semester 1
  • Intelligence Artficielle et Systèmes Multi-agents. Master MIASHS (Speciality: WIC and DCISS). Yr 1, semester 1
  • Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM I). MasterMIASHS (Speciality: WIC and DCISS). Yr 1, semester 2
  • Génie Logiciel. Master MIASHS (Speciality: WIC et DCISS). Yr 1, semester 1
  • Bases de données II. Master MIASHS (Speciality: WIC et DCISS). Yr 1, semester 2)

I have also given a course (6hrs per year from 2008-2011) on Agent based Social Simulation for MOSIG which is the International Track for the Master of Science In Informatics at University Grenoble Alps / Grenoble INP. This was part of the Multi-Agent Systems course that runs every other year.


Undergraduate level (Licence) courses:

  • Automates and Langages. Licence MIASS (Mathématiques et informatique appliquées aux sciences sociales), Yr 2, semester 2