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Cognitive and Affective Interaction-Oriented Architecture for social human-robot interaction.

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Wafa Johal, Damien Pellier, Carole Adam, Humbert Fiorino, Sylvie Pesty - "A Cognitive and Affective Architecture for Social Human-Robot Interaction" - Late Breaking Report. In Proceedings of the Tenth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI’15) Extended Abstracts. DOI=10.1145/2701973.2702006 [Best late-breaking report award nominee].

Carole Adam, Wafa Johal, Damien Pellier, Humbert Fiorino, Sylvie Pesty. Social Human-Robot Interaction: a new Cognitive and Affective Interaction-Oriented Architecture. 2016. (in press)


PhD proposal (not funded). Detailed subject.

This PHD thesis follows our previous work in three research projects funded by the French national research Agency (ANR): ANR CECIL project, ANR MOCA project and ANR SOMBRERO project. These projects have contributed to the ongoing development of our Cognitive and Affective Interaction-Oriented architecture called CAIO (see Best Late Breaking Report Nomination paper [10]).

The goals of this PhD thesis are threefold:

·      to fully implement this architecture and experimentation scenarios, using a lightweight humanoid robot (for instance a Nao robot)

·      to propose an evaluation method and criteria, and apply this to experimentally evaluate the architecture at all stages of development

·      to identify from these experimentations the necessary additions to improve the social capabilities of robots endowed with this architecture, and to realise some of these, for instance:

o   automatic activity analysis to learn socially acceptable interaction models;

o   multimodal perception of the user, including their emotions;

o   impact of emotions on various cognitive processes (memory, planning...).