Ayesha Kashif

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Contact Information

Office H356
Laboratoire des Science pour la Conception, l'Optimisation et la Production de Grenoble - UMR5272 
46, avenue Félix Viallet - 38031 Grenoble Cedex 1 - France
Phone: +33 4 76 57 48 14
Email: ayesha.kashif@g-scop.inpg.fr

Research Interests

I am a phd student at University of Grenoble, under the supervision of Julie Dugdale and Stéphane Ploix. I am doing research on human behaviour behaviour modelling and simulation for energy management in domestic situations. We are working on a cobined approach of human behaviour models simulated in a multi agent system and appliance models in Matlab/Simulink. The overall goal is to save the part of energy wasted due to human actions. My thesis is part of the ANR Project SUPERBAT (SimUler pour PilotER les BATements efficaces).

Short Biography

Masters Research in Computer Science (Speciality: Artificial Intelligence and Web) from ENSIMAG.