Antoine Flepp

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Contact Information

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble (UMR 5217), Magma Team
Maison Jean Kuntzmann, 110 avenue de la Chimie
38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France.


Office NA113
Orange Labs Caen, 42 rue des Coutures
14000 Caen, France.
Phone : +33 2 31 15 90 72
Email :


Research Interests

In order to work on artificial intelligence modeling projects of international scope - both for technological advancement and for the common good, I am currently working on it.


Short Biography

  • Currently doing a Ph.D in Orange Labs R&D (Caen, France) in the field of research Digital company / Thesis topic : Creation of knowledge from professional tools for communication and collaboration.
  • End-of-study internship during 6 months in Orange Labs R&D (Lannion, France) in the field of research Data and knowledge / Internship topic : Centralized lexical resource and collaborative data acquisition.
  • Master's deegree in computer sciences (UGA, 2016) / Master IC2A : Engineering of the cognition, the creation and learning - Double competence in computer science and social science.
  • Bachelor's deegree in psychology (Université de Nantes, 2014)